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Find freedom and fulfillment on the path of the

Open heart

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The path

         The path is the work you must commit to in order to start moving forward. It is about learning, developing and applying a more kind and compassionate approach to our difficult feelings, emotions and the experiences we have with the external world. Though challenging, it is the only lasting path to joy, fulfilment and inner freedom. It is the path that will finally free you from emotional dependance on external circumstances and conditions. It isn't the relationship, the job, the money, the time or anything else other than the conditioning of your own mind that is blocking you from enjoying life and relationships in a much more deeply fulfilling way. Together we will work on breaking through those conditions to uncover a freer and more authentic you. 


Sand Dunes


       I hold a Masters of Science in Psychology with a focus on trauma. My professional career includes work for a suicide hotline in Boston, Massachusetts, followed by working with suicidal teenagers at Summitview residential home in Northern California. After returning to Canada, I worked in a private therapy practice in Toronto for several years. There I worked with individuals and couples on such issues as depression, trauma, low-self esteem, anxiety, as well as conflict in relationships. 

      The love for travel and photography has taken me around the world, through many different cultures and walks of life. Delving into Buddhism and other spiritual practices, I learned about the nature of suffering, fulfillment and self actualization. Seeing the truth and power in the application of these principles in my own life as well as my clients' lives, is what keeps me dedicated to the open heart path. It is what motivates me to keep teaching and helping others have their own realizations and discover true fulfillment for themselves. My work is inspired by the wonderful teachings of Ram Dass, Joseph Goldstein, Byron Katie, Bruce Tift and others alike. 

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