Teen Mentorship

Why it matters

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  The mentor-teen relationship:

  • Creates the space for teens to develop strong communication skills and nurtures their social and emotional development.

  • Improves their self-esteem, which is a critical piece in the foundation of healthy adolescence and adulthood.

  • Develops a teen’s self-awareness and equips them with skills to understand and regulate their emotions —to think before acting.

  • Facilitates meaningful conversations that boost cognitive skills and provides perspective.

  • Promotes the development of a strong self,  through modeling core qualities that contribute to human thriving, like empathy, curiosity, resourcefulness, and resilience.

  • Fosters creativity and new perspectives.


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"My greatest passion is working with and helping adolescents navigate this extremely sensitive and challenging period in their lives. This is a crucial time to develop self-awareness and healthy self-esteem as they start making choices and decisions that can often have long term impact. The educational system unfortunately provides little to no support in these important areas and our children are treated as learning machines. Suicide rates go up and unhappiness dominates. This is why I want to help."